Kia ora koutou, its not a surprise really. Once there were two cases that couldn’t be linked to anything else, the possibility of community spread was enough for the government to act.

And act they have.

We’re at the beginning of however long it takes and looking like it’ll be around Anzac day before we (hopefully) come out of it. As well the nights are colder, the mornings darker. I suppose daylight saving will pop up soon.

I will manage, not only because of ‘the kindess of strangers’ as Blanche says in Streetcar Named Desire, but because of the kindness of friends.

‘Be kind,’ the PM said, and we will respond. Although when I heard some loud noise (I won’t call it music) coming from somewhere last night, I didn’t feel so kind. However it didn’t go on long.

So what are we going to do once the first couple of days are over, we have adjusted (sort of) and we need to do something? Whether it’s been a cancer diagnosis or bad news, work has always been the answer for me. I’m aware though that I’m lucky. If I was working in an office or a shop or a cafe then I’d be at home thinking about what I was going to do. Probably about money, rent and food. For those of us who can’t afford to panic–buy even if we were tempted, life is different. If you know of someone in this situation please help them.

We do better when we focus on something. So maybe its time to do some of the things we always said we wanted to do when we had time? Maybe the time is now? I don’t really want to but I’m going to clean out the store cupboard. God knows what I’ll find at the back of the shelves. I might even clean my wardrobe, maybe the spare room too?

Whoa, my synapses scream, just a cotton–picking  minute here…

I rang the medical centre re info about ‘flu vaccine and today they replied and I have an appointment for Wednesday week. If you haven’t organised a ‘flu vaccine injection, do it now. The poor things are run off their feet so be a patient patient. The local Medical Centre had over 1200 calls yesterday. That will be duplicated all over the country with higher numbers in some places.

Don’t forget to get outside. Take a walk. Wave at people. As long as you stay a safe distance away you’re fine.

Here’s a poem about distance…

Diggers Valley

 They ask why bus all that way?

It’s the words, I say, the words –

our words met, became friends

took us places

this is simply another one.


Ruth meets the bus

Smiles are our currency

 Stephan cooks dinner

Créme Brulée for dessert.

We talk while Floss

rose–breasted cockatoo

gives her opinion

flirts with Floss in the mirror.

We laugh.


I think of words

Ruth’s and mine

I think of Stephan

saying my words

how Floss gets the message

gets in on the act

no distance at all.