From Renée's garden

I invited some friends to share their poems.

  • Clock Tower

    O Palmerston North Hopwood Clock Tower
    you have a new hat on
    For fifty years you stood bareheaded, upright,
    impervious to weather
    You smiled down upon groups
    of children, marching bands, civic dignitaries
    once, the Queen came
    You are a strange phallic finger
    pointing towards the sky
    At night, your light shines forth
    a good deed in a naughty world
    They have given you
    another car park
    to look at
    Sometimes, I think you wear
    a crown of thorns
    In the early morning, when no-one
    is looking, you droop a little
    You are out of all proportion
    O Palmerston North Hopwood Clock Tower
    What is to be done with you!

    Carol Markwell