Kia ora Koutou,

July is living up to its reputation. I thought for a couple of days that it was going to turn over a new leaf but that was just a tease and here we are, heavy rain, roads closed, slips, same old. This happy trio is a feature of winter anyway but as we are already grumpy, angry, resigned, irritated re the pandemic (just wear a mask, you idiot), it just seems to underline the things we cannot control like place of birth, genetic inheritance, etc etc…

Recently I was given a couple of packets of seeds and I got someone to scatter them over the garden. They’ve had time to get a little bit established and I imagine they’re now swimming valiantly to stay in the one place. I got the same friend to move my pots of bulbs, flowers, from the back near the line to the front where they’ll get any sun that’s going and start warming up, grow and flower. The rain and cold might be a little bit daunting but they’ll get there. They’ve done it before — they can do it again.

We’re a bit like those bulbs and seeds, we’ve met hardship, illness, yes, even epidemics before and coped and we can do it again. For those who’ve never experienced an epidemic before and want to blame someone well — tough, darlings, shit happens, join the club.

For those of us who’ve been here before, its July. We’re a little bit nearer to spring. One morning we’ll look out and see the sun and then we’ll go outside and dah de dah — yellow bulbs in an old pot.