Writers Talk – Robynanne Milford

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Bella sep 09 ra pics2 016Kia ora, I’ve known Robynanne since the early 80s in Auckland when she and I were part of Womenspirit, a  writer’s group that I always think of with great affection — we all wrote some amazing things and published three books which was a huge achievement.  As well saw each other through some good and bad times and had great parties … here’s Robynanne…


Usually an emotional response will initiate a poem.


Occasionally a poem will come out almost complete but mostly I research around the topic and explore the dictionary and thesaurus for just the “right” word.

While writing I am excited by writing at various levels say about a train journey, which is in fact an emotional journey with double entendre on a word.


First thing in the morning, last thing at night has a aubade result. So have pen and paper by the bed. Mostly I write at the kitchen table, but the back of a bus ticket is all good.


…is expected. Sometimes it feels that nobody gets me and why continue. However this is what I am, what I am configured to do; how I make sense of my world.


Occasional. But I had a goal and having achieved this I have to move the goal posts and keep moving them…