What fresh hell is this?

Posted on May 27, 2015 | Comments Off on What fresh hell is this?

Storm Leaves

She met someone else
Tried to fight it

Last night, she’s so sorry,
They went too far.
She’s very upset
She loves me really

She had to tell me
We agreed we’d be honest

I don’t say don’t go
I don’t say let’s discuss this
I don’t say please
I’m a block of pounamu
In very deep water
Just go, I say. Now.


I put the sheets
crazy patchwork quilt
track shoe
dirty socks
in the old drum
pour petrol
chuck a match

I find the Allen key
break up the bed
lug the remains
to the drum

the room is empty of her.

my mother
on my shoulder
I polish
scrub wipe
rub sweep
her out of here

I stand in the shower
for an hour
fuck the environment
new clothes
new shoes
new bottle
I’m clean.

I’m okay.
I’m okay
I’m okay