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I’m thinking of the money that has been spent, is being spent and will be spent on the boat race in Florida, thinking of the money that’s being spent on the British Isles Rugby tour,  of the money for the flash lunch held by the Auckland City Council when most invitees would have been happy with a far more modest offering.

Then there’s the CEOs who will get their huge pay rises in a month or so, there’s the money spent on asking people to vote for a particular party in the next election, there’s all this hoohaa over the Christchurch Cathedral – like a plain wooden building wouldn’t be okay for this Christ person?

There’s District and City Councils, who, it appears, can’t be bothered organising  their own, so we have to pay for their meals.  What makes these councillors so special?  They get paid just like everyone else, the majority of whom organise their own lunches.

I’m thinking of the botch-up of a government department’s new online system which will now have to be done again – more money down the drain.  None of the people involved will have lost a cent of their wages. And another department mixes up who should get what amounts of money in the Health System but oh, don’t worry, you lot who got more than you should have, you can keep it.

Oh and yes, the payout the absent-minded National MP Todd Barclay made with help from the then PM.

Steam rising…is there one rule for the haves and one for the have-nots?  Better ask a police officer.

And then I think of the kid sleeping in a car, the five-year-old blind girl and her family who were sent away, the old woman who goes to bed at 6pm because she can’t afford electricity, the woman who does three jobs so she can get enough money to pay the rent and buy food for herself and her two kids.  I think of the men who labour on farms, for a pittance because, it is said, part of their wages is the pleasure of living in a cold unheated house miles from anywhere.  I think of the polluted rivers and the fees being paid to select boarding schools.

Then I get told there’s no class system in this country?  Give me a break…





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  1. 6-21-2017

    Right on, Renee xxx