Genoise oh Chocolat

Posted on Mar 6, 2013 | Comments Off on Genoise oh Chocolat

melted the butter first, one hundred grams;
put four smallish eggs and one hundred twenty grams of sugar
into a bowl and whisked away … meanwhile,
lined the tin, weighed one fifty s/r flour,
added a spoon full of cocoa and a salty pinch,
sieved and folded aforesaid – gently, mind – into
the all-this-time-whisking and now-stiff-beaten
eggs plus sugar with a
the butter cooled now,
some chocolate sauce
left lying around in the fridge
from Freddie’s birthday party,
and the whole lot was tinned,
thrown in a heated oven at 170 C or thereabouts,
for twenty five minutes
and it … worked a treat, mate

Christopher L. Taylor