Daughter of Eve Seeks Son of Lilith

Posted on Sep 25, 2013 | Comments Off on Daughter of Eve Seeks Son of Lilith

Once bitten you have lost 
your shyness. Now you search

the desert by lamp-light
bare your carotid in invitation –

come on man, find me again.
You touch yourself in the mirror,

scars from his kiss when he drank
and you lost control. Remember

the screams, your words warbled
a magpie’s call, even now you

quardle after him. Hungry,
you can’t stop thinking of his

throat, you are unquenchable
and his coldness sets your need

on fire. Desperate, you go knocking
in daylight. In one house you find

a teenage boy with his bearing,
his younger brother? The boy rejects

your offered Book of Mormon
says he’d rather write his own.

From the tenor of his voice you know
his Adam’s apple is Red Delicious.

Sandi Sartorelli