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"Wednesday's just got a whole lot better ..."

" 非常热闹,拭目以待接下来的一章... Kia Kaha!"

Guest poet

By a Window of Trees

We do yoga together

You stretch your arm carefully
so as not to pull on your scar

I fight gravity to stay upright
Create will from firm flesh

You brittle and folding easily
Me bulky with new growth

We make a strange pair
in the tiger pose.

We breathe calm breath in a steady stream
Inside us cells are busy multiplying

Mine the blurprint for a life
Yours the army gathering

Sarah Delahunty

We end cross legged
and talk of exactly what there is to see

In this room, in the quiet, by a window of trees
Without lifting our eyes rto the hills


Sarah Delahunty


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    Kia ora,  the poem, By a Window of Trees by Sarah Delahunty and my blog Has to be good

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