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"Wednesday's just got a whole lot better ..."

" 非常热闹,拭目以待接下来的一章... Kia Kaha!"

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What about the women, Sir?

Kia ora, while we’re enjoying, enduring, ignoring, what will happen on April 25  - could we all spare a thought for the women.  All women were dragged into this disaster because they had sons, lovers, fathers, brothers, cousins, who got caught up in the furore or were hounded into it with white feathers.  Not only […]

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    This week…

    Kia ora,  hello, greetings, on  my blog this week …What about the women, Sir? and for your delight and amusement Too Many Cooks and Once Bitten, the first two novels in the Vogel Place trilogy  are available as ebooks. Go  to the books page  and you’ll find instructions.  

     If you’re considering writing about your life,  the recently launched  print copy of Your Life Your Story is available to help — details on the Books page.  Happy reading… 

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