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"Wednesday's just got a whole lot better ..."

" 非常热闹,拭目以待接下来的一章... Kia Kaha!"

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My brilliant idea…send John to Iraq

Kia ora, I don’t know how anyone can hold contrary views to our dear leader.  John has shown himself to have a sharp brain and to be a great manager.  Sure there have been one or two messy things going on in his department but he’s a busy man. It’s very selfish of us to […]

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    This week…

    Kia ora,  hello, greetings, on  my blog this week …My Brilliant idea…send John to Iraq…and for your delight and amusement we’ve repeated the repeat of Chapter 3 of  three chapters of Once Bitten.   If you want to read the novels in one go, you can buy them as ebooks.  Check  out the books page.

     If you’re considering writing about your life,  the recently launched  print copy of Your Life Your Story is available too — details on the Books page.  Check out the Books page.  Happy reading… 

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