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"Wednesday's just got a whole lot better ..."

" 非常热闹,拭目以待接下来的一章... Kia Kaha!"

Guest poet

A baby at six months

Just before locomotion
you are the fattest cherub
on the tallest ceiling
in the best basilica.

Wings would fold themselves into your folds
which in themselves are honey
you are flesh run to laughter
and promise in a small compass

which will never be repeated.
Already you are raising yourself, straining
to use one leg as a prop.
The folds will fall from it

as you rear up and crawl
you will walk and they will fall like silk.
All this manna gathered together
cherubs with wings and arrows

in the gestures of your hands
your beaming expression
your taking everything into your mouth
honey to honey, to make honey.


Elizabeth Smither


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    Kia ora, this week the poem is, A baby at six months, by Elizabeth Smither and on the blog, Q: When is a Prime Minister not a Prime Minister? ..

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